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, not just mr. obama, but this is different because it is live, like, you don't -- if you make a mistake everybody in the world will see it and, one more thing, this interview that i'm doing with the president, on sunday, 4:45 eastern time, will be the most watched interview in history. more people will see this interview than any other interview that has ever been done in the history of mankind. because, immediately it will go out on the internet. it will go out everywhere in the world. and, everybody will be checking it out. so, this is no easy deal. this is a -- something that the white house is taking seriously, i know that and we are certainly taking it very seriously. >> the packers and steelers are getting into the pregame preps, deep into them already and you must be, as well. how get nervous? >> no, i'm a dopey guy, really doesn't care what people think of me. i want to -- just like an athlete, i used to be one, want to bring my a-game in and sounds cliche but i don't want to get tense speaking about that 48 hours out and i will not -- i will not -- formulate my question until a
's the policy of the obama administration, to pursue this negotiated settlement, but how do you force that to take place? jon: much of this obviously predates the obama administration. hosni mubarak has enjoyed the support of the united states for 30 years, basically. if the u.s. government is seen as showing him the door, what are the other governments in the region saying about washington and its reliance as an ally? >> already in the newspapers in israel you can see there is this very coherent line that the obama administration is stabbing egypt in the back, for instance. other leaders are definitely going to take notice of this. i think the united states' influence right now in the current situation is very, very limited. jon: and so we just have to sit and watch events unfold and sort of make peace with whoever comes out on top? is that really our own option? >> we are in the rapids right now, difficult to steer. and i would say that it's not our only option. the military is a solid institution that we have some influence with, and that institution is going to be absolutely criti
washington time, who knows what the obama administration's position is at this point. i think we can say with respect to people in egypt that we know what their intentions are, we don't know what the outcome will be. i think the military's intention is to restore stability, that nadya sulemanomar suleiman, thee president is the likely plan b. he said yesterday that if the demonstrations don't stop other things could happen, implying a use of force not by the police this time, but by the military. so i think that moubarak and the military collectively seem to have come to the decision that the end is now for moubarak, but that does not mean in their minds that the end is now for the military, quite the contrary. jon: if you were advising the obama white house, and obviously you're not, but if you were, what would you tell them right now? >> well, assuming that this is moving in the direction of all of the press speculation to say that they welcome the announcement when it happens, and look forward to working with acting president omar suleiman or whatever his title would be, and to move t
: that was president obama on the campaign trail back in 2007, showing some strong support for unions and collective bargaining. again, live pictures now from wisconsin where pro union protestors are hunkering down. so what exactly the president's position on the growing controversy? bret baier is here with his take. the difference between political promises and political reality. why isn't the president more involved here? >> reporter: jenna, he said some things very early on to a local tv station in wisconsin, in which he said the actions of governor walker are essentially union busting. he talked about that at length, and then since that time, the white house has backed off of really dealing with this at all. we haven't heard anything from the podium extensively about the protests in wisconsin, and in fact, valarie jarrett, senior adviser to the president, last week on foss said that this should be a wisconsin matter, and not a washington mother. clearly, the white house believes that politically, it's not in their best interest to get involved in what's going on in wisconsin. i want to point out
countries. president obama gave a speech yesterday, and he basically sounded like george bush sr., it was like a george bush sr. moment. we could be talking about a very similar situation that we saw during the first persian-gulf war. that's when the world banded together to get rid of a terrible dictator that was in the wrong country in kuwait to get him out of there. we could be moving in that same direction with kuwait. if you remember what happened after the first persian gulf war we started talking about more tkpwres euf actions we saw oil prices go to an all time high. we are not far away from an all time high right now and i see no reason why that couldn't happen again. jenna: just under a hundred dollars a barrel right now. phil, thank you for your insight, something we'll be watching. >> reporter: thanks, jenna. gregg: we are following a brush fire in miami-dade florida, and there you see the scene, some of the crews are half covered by smoke. this is about 20 acres of a brush fire that is burning. the cause of this is not known at this time. the good news is no structur
, this moubarak government, president obama urged that transition to happen quickly just last night. now egypt's foreign ministry is saying today that really this is to reject an aim to incite the internal situation in egypt. essentially saying that by our medling we've actually incited more violence and more tension in the streets of egypt, certainly not the intention of the administration. jon: let's get some thoughts from someone who knows this part of the world well, u.s. former ambassador john bolton is on the phone with us. ambassador bolton let me read you a quote by a protester, quoted by the associated press. he says the army is neglectful, they let them in. the army, what is their role in this battle right now? >> i think the army signaled pretty clearly that it thought president moubarak had done the right thing and all that was required of him last night when he announced he would not be a candidate for president in september and would step down then. the army this morning urged the demonstrators to go home and turned the internet back on, which indicated it didn't plan to do anyth
have the organization that helped put president obama in the spotlight in the early days of his campaign, organizing the protests. now, to counter that, you have conservative organizations like the tea party, like the americans for prosperity, like the american majority, all organizing buses and getting demonstrators here for saturday to demonstrate in favor of governor walker. jon: so what are the protestors saying about the fight? >> reporter: you know, the demonstrators that we have talked with, they say they get t. tough times are all around and if they have to ante up for their pension and their retirement benefits or health benefits, that's something they will do, but when you start talking about collective bargaining, and the strengthth of collective bargaining, that threatens their long term. >> i'm still willing to take the pay cuts. what i'm scared about is the fact that we don't know where it will end. we have no idea how bad it will get because all of our protection will be gone. >> reporter: you know, i asked governor walker point blank if he is using this crisis to
is the former white house chief of staff in the clinton administration who became president obama's hand-picked democratic co-chairman of the debt commission report and he said what the administration has proposed doesn't come near to dealing with the level of fiscal crisis that's necessary. jon: so this is the president's budget for next year, republicans have some plans to cut spending this year, right? >> reporter: that's right. what the president is proposing for next year would be about a $33 billion reduction in spending. but republicans are already looking at cutting $100 billion in this year, in the current fiscal year. it's very aggressive. republicans are deeply disappointed, they thought there might have been signals from the white house, from meetings and others, that there might be common ground here, a lot of -- a lot of them scratching their heads thinking the president, quote, missed a leadership opportunity to, shorthand it in the words of tim palenty, they think the president has chickened out. this is paul ryan, chairman of the house budget committee who now finds hims
much, shanan bream today. gregg: fox news alert, president obama reaching out to the business community today. we're waiting for the president to speak before the u.s. chamber of commerce. now, the white house and the nation's top business lobby certainly had a rather rocky relationship. it clashed over the health care law and financial regulations. so we're going to be bringing you this speech live as soon as it begins. >>> fox news alert, the government in egypt, offering brand new concessions to opposition groups. but just not the one they really want. an antigovernment proester -- and antigovernment protestors are flooding that cairo for yet another rally there, pressing their demand that hosni mubarek step down and step down now. leland vitter, streaming live from cairo. leland. >> [inaudible] >> o midway, you also have the normalcy in cairo here, in other regions, you can hear the car horns -- >> [inaudible context] >> the line of tanks, making an imposing entrance to tahrir square, where inside, the welcoming committee embodies the passion that the protestors take on. with day br
: it sure is. can i have your credit card? [laughter] jenna: no way. president obama signed the stimulus two years ago. we'll bring it up for you, it's a bridge in missouri originally built in 1933. it was in need of serious repair. the project is now complete, and steve brown is joining us from be missouri to tell us how it all went. steve? >> reporter: hey, jenna. yeah, we were here two years ago shortly after ground breaking, we've returned to -- two years to the day to talk about that very first stimulus project. >> they're, obviously, my number one priority. >> beth is a single l mom of two young children. she pays the bills working construction and was on the job for the very first stimulus project, replacing the old osage river bridge in missouri. >> it provided me training, it provided me financially stable months, it provided me a lot of stuff i would not have had otherwise. >> one, two, three. yea! [applause] >> reporter: and the project opened last fall when the new and improved bridge opened for business and the old bridge came down. the lead contractor on the bridge is grateful
a temporary product of the obama administration's stimulus spending. the audit also found that only five of the programs have completed any kind of impact study to measure their own effectiveness since 2004. as a result the report found, quote, little information is available about the strategies and results of such initiatives, meaning it's hard to tell how many jobless people have been helped by the programs or how many people who wanted to switch careers were with the aid of these programs able to do that. as for bureaucrat particular overlap the report found separate administrative structures providing quote some of the same services, such as job search assistance to low-income individuals. agency officials acknowledged to the gao auditors that quote, greater administrative efficiencies could be achieved. a spokesman for the department of labor cold usa today, today that the report is a timely reminder that more work can be done on the front but defended the phult ta police a tee of programs saying that diverse efforts and multiple suppliers of job training services helped state boar
the transfer for quite some time. it got out of whack actually in 20 06 and 2008 as democrats, with obama at his height, really improved things, but generally, both parties have been losing to, you know -- its share, if you will, to independents as that group rose. i think if we continue to see the polarization like we're seeing in wisconsin and in ohio, democrats and republicans fighting instead of working together to find some solutions, that polarization may drive the growth of independents and not necessarily play to either party in 2012. jenna: it's good you point out wisconsin because that was the state that we did see that was solely democrat and moved republican and of course we had the surprise win of the republican governor there and we're showing scenes now of the debate going on within the state legislature. if we see this debating and this polarization that you mentioned, how does either party or any candidate court the independents? >> well, that's the whole thing here, is i think people -- i mean, in all parties across the spectrum want to see working -- people working for
the obama administration is doing, sources say is when they unveil the next 2012 budget next monday they will have a plan to increase the amount of unemployment taxes that can be collected from employers to try to replenish those stockpiles for states around the country. the bottom line it's interesting because just yesterday the president did a bit of outreach to the business community, today there is talk that they are going to increase the unemployment taxes on employers, it will be interesting to see the reaction from the business community to this. jenna: you mentioned this might be part of the budget that we get to see next week. what are the odds of this happening? what are people telling you. >> reporter: all right john boehner the speaker of the house is not impressed. he called this up to one hundred bill dollars of job destroying tax hikes. i should note what the administration is proposing is phasing this in 2014 so you're not taxing businesses right now during the recovery. the bottom line is they are looking to replenish the funds for states, at the same time the money
:30 eastern time is what we are being told, out of the white house president obama will come out and speak about what has happened today and what is continuing to happen in egypt. just to catch you up in case you're just joining us again, reports that the vice president of egypt omar suleiman has said that hosni mubarak has in fact answered these protesters with their key demand by stepping down. i want to bring in karl rove former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. we want to stick with these pictures. i know i've been hearing you in recent days talking about what might happen. speak if you could could about what is unfolding right before our very eyes this morning. >> an historic moment. one out of every three people in the middle east lives in egypt. we are seeing the passing of an authoritarian regime. now will come a very difficult and dangerous period during which the military will govern the country, amend the constitution to create more democratic access and we'll see a presidential election perhaps on its regularly scheduled of sep
: and president obama. bill: and president carter. we say hello to you as well. martha: and mr. hemmer and are the hemmer family. take care we'll see you tomorrow. jenna: i think bill and martha said it all, happy president's day, is that right? is that the way we're starting off today. jon: that's right. jenna: i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. brand-new protests as the which ias thewisconsin waive of protet grows. they are trying to stop which is wisconsin from stipulating away the bargaining of benefits. the governor says there is too much at stake to back down. >> we have a 3.6 billion tkupblgette deficit. we are broke, like nearly every other state across the country. it's about time somebody stands up and tells the truth. jenna: he is calling the 14 state democrats that ran off to block a vote on his plan. the lawmakers say they will stay out of the state until a compromise can be hammered out as protestors vow to keep up the demonstrations. >> this is wisconsin as its best, america as its best. people are coming out to peacefully demonstrate what they believe in. >> we believe
done, typically, it's not because there's an obama plan out there. it's because democrats and republicans are both committed to tackling this issue in a serious way. and so what we've done is we've been very specific in terms of how to stabilize the discretionary budget, how to make sure that we're not adding additional debt by 2015, and then, let's together, democrats and republicans, tackle these long term problems in a way that i think will ensure our fiscal health and at the same time, ensure that we're making investments in the future. >> [inaudible] >> well, we're going to be in discussions over the next several months. i mean, this is going to be a negotiation process. and the key thing that i think the american people want to see is that all sides are serious about it, and all sides are willing to give a little bit, and that there's a genuine spirit of compromise as opposed to people being interested in scoring political points. now, we did that in december, during the lame duck, on the tax cut issue. both sides had to give. and there were folks in my party who wer
: a fox news alert, president obama about to make some remarks promoting clean energy. he is in state college, pennsylvania, taking a look at some research labs at penn state university. the labs searching for ways to make energy-efficient home renovations more affordable, all part of the administration's goals to try to find breakthroughs in if clean energy projects. when the president takes the microphones, we'll have a live report just ahead. jenna: another fox news alert right now on that dramatic river rescue we were watching earlier in oklahoma. harris has more. harris? is. >> reporter: yeah. we're just learning more information about the ground conditions when this happened. we want to update everybody that there were between five and eight people inside of a truck that was going along westbound on interstate 44 in oklahoma. they hit ice or snow or something, it was very ice and snow-packed on the road, and they went over the embankment. they came off that overpass, went down an 'em banksment and ended up in the spring river which is also ice-packed. that truck partially sub me
. and democrats recently appealed to president obama to release some reserves from our strategic petroleum reserves to bring down the price of oil. do you think that would be a good decision? >> maybe, but it's not going to have much of an effect. people shouldn't believe this releasing some of the money from the strategic reservist going to impact gasoline prices by maybe 5-cents a gallon at most. i was disappointed by that number about the gdp only growing by 8% last quarter. we should be growing much faster than that right now. we are supposed to be in a recovery expansion phase. we should be growing at twice that pace. we don't have the juice in this economy to put americans back to work. when you have high unemployment and rising invasion that is a pretty bad cocktail. jenna: that reading on the gdp not enough to even signify any job growth. this is definitely a story we'll see. people are saying it's maybe the start of a double-dip recession. >> i don't think so. i'm still on the side i think we're going to see growth this year but it's not fast enough as you said to put these 15 mil
event, lease the all-new 2011 jetta s for $179 a month. ♪ gregg: fox news alert. the obama administration now announcing it will no longer defend the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of same-sex marriage. in a statement the attorney general, eric holder says, president obama has concluded that the administration can no longer defend that federal law that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. what this means for the fight over gay marriage yet to be determined. jenna: quick look at the markets today. after certainly a rough day yesterday. the dow is trading down around almost 90 points today. yesterday it had its biggest point drop in three months. we're watching this specifically because of what's happening in the middle east and what that might mean for oil prices for all of us. oil futures closed at a 2.5 year high yesterday and today it is nearing $100 a barrel as we look at it. that is traders betting oil futures, by the way on future price of crude oil, that is why we call it the future market. unease about the middle east, a huge
: remember this. president obama issuing that go green challenge to america in his state of the union address, calling for 80% renewable energy in this country by 2035? at least one city has already tried that and says it boils down to a different kind of green, money we're talking. dan springer live in our seattle bureau with more for us, dan. >> reporter: yeah, jon that city is portland, oregon set a goal to have all its city buildings retphaoubl by this year, only 9%. while the pledges sound good they often fall well short of the mark. whether it's wind, solar or any number of other technologies the race towards clean energy is on. president obama called it this generation's sputnik moment while issuing the stiffest challenge yet. jon: by 203580% of american electricity will come from clean energy sources. >> reporter: just like when the say the of oregon set a target to have government buildings using all renewable power by 2010. to say it fell short is an understatement. it accounts for 2% of the state's electricity. >> not only were the goals unrealistic to begin with, they failed miser
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